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Hotflex Skateboard Complete

Hotflex has a super thin high performance fiber-flex construction that gives it a springboard feel. It’s cambered deck is designed for better speed pumps and SkateCity Trucks allow for responsive turns while “grabber blue” Satellite wheels keep things moving fast and smooth.

• 28″ X 7″
• 3 -Ply Maple 2-Ply Fiberglass Springboard
• Skate City 445 Trucks
• Rear 1/2″ red riser pad, front wedge pad
• Satellite wheels 64mm. Grabber blue 84 duro. Fitted with precision bearings.
• Gold Cup chrome-dome hardware.
• Die cut Mob Grip tape with screened die cut Hotflex decals.

The Hotflex is perfect for anyone who enjoys a fast smooth ride that loves to pump speed!

Available in one color.